04 July 2014

Reflection - Technology Project APPT 6212

The last week of class of technology project it was my final project presentation. Since the previous of our project demonstration, it still has much that we didn't explain on our project how the system works and how the all components work.

In this presentation we have tried to explain all of it.

One of the tutors he think we should to create something in this course, yes it was. However, after the first discussion with our advisor, we have been told that we don't need to build this thing up. When tutor asked us do we have buy those sensor and try install on car to see can get the ECG signal or not. Of course it definitely can, because they are using this technology in medical use, this is pointless to buy those things to prove it, and it is so expensive. The sensors is fine, but the sensor's control box is expensive, without the control box, you can't get the signal.

We both felt disappointed, but we have tried our best to do it. In this subject we have learn some other knowledge, it can be related or not related to automotive engineering, it was interesting. Moreover, I think we have improved our presentation skill as well after this course.

Thanks to our advisor and everyone who has helping us and giving us an opinion on our project.

09 June 2014

Week 13 - Technology Project APPT 6212

06/06/14 (Fri)

Finally today is stage 3 demonstration of our project presentation. However, today just need to present about our blog but we thought it is presentation of our project current status. Therefore we haven't get ready to present our blog on today.

Last night my team mate and I have done the complete system operation flow chart. We have the all needed information of components of non contact ECG system, and how it works. We have the electric diagram of the sensors, although we are not fully understand on it even discussed with Simon, but we got better understanding now. We have decided what is the action of warning and the back up plan.

However, we only left one more presentation to explain all this which is the final presentation.

01 June 2014

Week 12 - Technology Project APPT 6212

30/05/14 (Fri)

After we discussed with our advisor again, we got our direction what to do on our project, and we knew about our problem.

This time we will do more focus on the sensor concept, installation, how it works, how the system process. Me and my team-mate we think from the starting point again, to see what information we have missed.

We have been told from last presentation that our slide show were not good enough. We should put more picture, video, diagram, data, not only the bullet points.

26 May 2014

Week 11 - Technology Project APPT 6212

23/05/14 (Fri)

After we have finished our stage 2 demonstration, we got the poor marks at this time. 

At first, we introduce what technology can check a person is going to sleep. We just want to prove ECG is the one of the technology, but how it work on it? HRV, heart rate variability. HRV can tells you a lot of information not only the heart condition, almost the body is. Sleep rhythm is strongly connected with brain and heart activities. It also can determine the fatigue or relaxation from your body.
Heart Rate Varibility Measuring R-R Interval
It is measured as the time gap between your heart beats that varies as you breathe in and out. 

Epic sensor is the non contact sensor to sense ECG signal from human body. Due to we don't understand the electric diagram therefore we don't have put it into our slide show of presentation. 

After we reviewed on this our presentation it was really bad. Definitely we went to wrong direction to do our research, and less information, also we don't understand clearly the system. It is hard to present and explain something that you don't understand.

19 May 2014

Week 10 - Technology Project APPT 6212

16/05/14 (Fri)

Today we supposed to present our stage 2 demonstration in the class, but we were not getting ready, so our presentation was postponed to next week.

We still on discussing of how to do on our project but we stuck, we can't move forward to do next step. We probably went to wrong direction and I think it is because we don't have a strong purpose and clear direction, also we have spent insufficient time for our discussion.

After that we discussed again with our advisor, and then we try to follow the direction and find the related information.